Suburbia Inferna

In suburbia I find beauty and solace, while engulfed in a burning fire of desire to reach for something more. Spring Sunset // Almaden Valley // San Jose, CA Advertisements

Take Flight

As the plane takes off, listen to your favorite song take off, and let your mind, body and soul take flight in the direction you want your life to go // SFO San Francisco CA >> LAX Los Angeles CA via Photo Challenge: Atop

Sweatshirt Style

There’s nothing comfier than a good ol’ sweatshirt and now thanks to this new trend we can sweat it out in style, from flames to florals. Rather than sweatshirts’ typical front or rear designs, it’s all about the sleeves right now. You know it’s a trend when King Kylie is in on it, and she’s even selling…

Finding Home(s)

Home doesn’t have to be where you come from. Home is where you feel the most secure, yet the most alive. Home can be transient, ever-changing, and more than one place – it can be multiple places or traveling the world. I always felt my true home would never actually be the California suburbs in which I grew up,…

From Paris to Kendall to You

Kendall Jenner’s 21st B-day bash was all the way back in November, but her custom Labourjoisie look, a homage to Paris Hilton’s 21st B-day silver dress and diamond choker, has been slinking its way to the top – and we’re so here for it. It’s fabulous and sleek, but hmmm a bit impractical? Google the dress and you’ll…